Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tresses Revisited

Mom!!! Hurry up, get ready !!! Guests will be coming shortly” I have heard this statement for the tenth time from Ghutghut, my daughter.

Today is my 50th Birthday and my whole family has come together to celebrate it. My daughter Ghutghut, my son Nitiksh and my son-in-law Sudhish, all have made a surprise visit to make my birthday special.

Well I am almost ready, I only have to tie my hair.” I answered back.

Birthdays always make me nostalgic. I have been thinking about turning 50 for the last few days and instead of feeling depressed, I am feeling happy to be turning 50.

50 glorious years filled with happiness, sorrow, love, success, failures and all the emotions I can think of.

50 beautiful years filled with people I have come to love - my grandparents, my mother, my father, sisters, brothers, my husband, my children and my friends. What more can I ask from life.
My Family
Looking in the mirror at my long tresses which are still black with only a few strands of white reminding me of my age, I think ... wrinkles have started invading my face but my hair is still as young as they were 30 years ago.

In the past 50 years, my hair has always added beauty to my personality. It has also seen ups and down of life with me whether in the very first meeting with my would-be husband, my wedding, kids birthday or kitty parties, daughter’s wedding. How can I forget that my open, free flowing hair charmed my would-be husband on the first meeting itself or on my wedding day my aunty had a lot of problems in doing my hair as it was so long and thick. It was fun to make other ladies envy in kitty parties with my gorgeous hair. I was among the few lucky ones, who are blessed with beautiful hair.

My grandmother always said that hair is the crowning glory of a woman. I don’t remember even a single moment when she used to forget taking care of my hair. Right from childhood she has taken care of my hair. Even my mother used to forget at times. She regularly applied oil to my hair and then use to wash them with besan. No shampoo was allowed only natural products. From time to time, she used to apply homemade packs on my hair made of amla, reetha, sheekakai etc. As a child, I always used to get irritated with her procedure but she kept on pestering me.

At 13
Everyone wanted to touch my hair, and many people did so without asking, as if I were a cat with silky fur. By my teenage, I was also in love with my hair as everyone around used to appreciate my long black tresses. So, I too had inculcated all the learning's from my grandmother. In summers, I made it a point to wash my hair every alternate day with besan. I used to do a deep conditioning massage with coconut oil, which seeps deep into the scalp to keep it nourished and made them strong. From time to time, I applied hair-pack. Along with all this, I took care of my diet as well. I knew that a good healthy high protein diet is a must for healthy bouncy shiny hair.

With this simple haircare, I got beautiful long hair. I have always showed off my hair in college. I used to change my hairdos like my hand bag. The hair care mantra had always worked for me. It was the best thing I could do to get my desired look of open, flowing hair that looked healthy and beautiful. 

Marriage at 19
Mother In Law, My 2 Naughty Kids & My dearest Husband
Before completing my college, I got married and then children.  At the age of 25, I was a responsible wife and mother of two kids. But my love for my hair was still there.  I still used to follow my granny’s procedure but new trends of parlor had also bitten me. And that was the downfall of my precious long tresses. I started experimenting with my hair. I started getting my hair colored, highlighted or permed. As children started growing up, I had to compromise on my Me time. Now it was difficult for me to do an oil massage on alternate days or put hair pack every week. With daily chores of day today work, I stopped taking care of my diet and hair.  I also started using shampoos.

It was only in my 40’s, when a hair stylist made a throwaway comment about the thinning at my temples, that I shook myself awake and realized that my crown wasn’t nearly as glorious as it once had been. As time passed, my long beautiful healthy hair had become a thing of past. I had also started getting white hair and hair fall. I started trying any new shampoo which claimed to relieve me from hair problems. But nothing worked. Losing hair became a mentally and emotionally disturbing experience for a person like me who was so obsessed with her long lustrous hairs. As time passed, I started accepting this as my destiny and lost all the hope to regain my beautiful long tresses. 

Then one day some time nearly a year ago, my daughter introduced me the new Dove Hair Fall Rescue. I had already lost all the hope, so I was not in a mood to try any new product and was trying my best to use my grandmother’s hair care regime.
But as my daughter had that stubborn streak which I think she inherited from me, she kept on pestering me with the benefits of Dove.
She told me “Dove  extends a new promise– To repair damage from the heart of hair “.

She also showed me the advertisement to make her point more strong.

Finally I decided  to make a last attempt to regain my lost beautiful hair. I chalked out a plan. Along with all the Dove Hair care regime, I took care of my diet which included  a whole lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products. I also stopped taking any sort of chemical treatments that would further damage my hair and lastly started massaging my scalp with coconut oil once a week followed by a hot towel treatment.

Dove hair fall rescue worked like magic on my hair, it nourished my hair from deep within and leave it softer, smother and shiner. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Therapy nourished my weak hair and reduced friction so that I have lesser hair fall and fuller hair. I religiously started following the steps of Dove hair fall rescue therapy.

After using Dove shampoo, for the first time, I felt that the results are the same as I used to get after cleaning with besan, reetha and shikkakai in my younger days.
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo gently cleansed my hair. Its Micro Moisture Serum strengthened hair from the roots to the tips.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner gave me better result than curd and honey pack used to give me. I can actually feel that Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner nourishes and strengthens my weak hair. I can feel the reduce friction between my hair strands to give me stronger and fuller hair.

Dove Hair Fall Therapy Treatment Mask reminds me the mask my granny use to put on my scalp. I started using mask once in a week and used to leave the mask on for 3 minutes after shampoo and later washed my hair thoroughly.

Dove Hair Fall Therapy Combing Serum instantly started smoothening my hair and reduced my hair fall .

Thanks to Dove hair fall therapy, slowly and steadily, I started getting my healthy problem free hair back. .... And that was the end of my hair problems”  

So today I have one more reason to celebrate.
At 50

“Mom are you ready?”. Ghutghut once again shouted from the hall. I immediately added few more pins in my bun and looked once more in the mirror. I was ready. Looks like guest have also started coming. I started moving downstairs to welcome the guests.

(Story of my mom's beautiful hair)

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Its Raining......

A couple of months back, I got to know about indiblogger. Since, I was very new to the blog space, I did not know anything about blogger directory.  I was really surprised to see so many talented bloggers at one place.  I started this blog just to participate in an indiblogger thread (Challenge for blog) introduced by one of the talented blogger Animesh Mishra.

I never knew that this blog will earn me so much recognition.

Just for a trial basis, I have participated in two contests Vodafone and Lakme Diva Contest. I had written two posts Akbar Birbal Ki Khichdi Reloaded and Diary of Newly Married wife for contests hosted by Vodafone. Complexion Redefined written for Lakme Diva Contest.

Spot My Name at 3rd Place in Vodafone Contest
Got the Consolation Prize in Lakme Diva Contest
Remember them? Well, I won the 3rd Prize for Akbar Birbal ki Khichdi Reloaded and consolation prize in Lakme contest. More than Prize, I was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised to see your response and your good wishes. Trust me!!! I run out of the words to thank readers for their appreciation.

An Overwhelming Response for Akbar Birbal Post
I truly believe…. it was all your wishes that worked like magic wands for me. These past few months have been very exciting in the world of blogging, and I must say, I couldn't be happier!

A heartfelt thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement.

I would also like to say a HUGE ThankYou to Anshika – my secret blog editor. Any technical error in blog, it’s always Anshika who comes as a troubleshooter for me. I am so lucky to have a friend like you!!!!.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Wonder Slim Weight Loss

The needle fixed itself at 150 Kg. Jatin was standing there for a long time in a hope that the needle will slightly shift to 148 or 149 but it was fixed to 150Kg. Disappointed Jatin stepped down from the weighing machine. For the past 1 month, he has been doing yoga and was following his diet from the popular book “Don’t lose your mind but lose your weight” but nothing had shown result.


Thanks to his obesity, he doesn’t have any girlfriend and his parents have given him the ultimatum to lose weight before they made a profile in or Bharat jatin had become desperate. He did not want to die without a girlfriend or a wife.  He thought for opting a short cut and started browsing for weight loss programs. While searching, he got hooked to one advertisement which offered to help in losing 20kg in a week


10Kg weight loss in just 5 days otherwise cash back Guaranteed”.

He immediately called the number and enrolled for their 5 days -20Kg weight loss program.

The next day, there's a knock on the door and there stands before him a hot, athletic, gorgeous girl dressed in hot short pants, tank top and  a pair of Nike running shoes and a sign around her neck.

She introduced herself as a representative of the weight loss company.  Jatin ‘s mouth remained open seeing this beautiful hot babe. Jatin kept ogling at her body and suddenly his eyes stopped at the sign board around her neck.

The sign board read, "If you can catch me, you can have me."


All his imagination got the wings and without a second thought, he takes off after her.  He kept on running behind her but after few miles later huffing and puffing, he finally gave up. The same girl shows up for the next four days and the same thing happens.  On the fifth day, he weighs himself and is delighted to find he has lost 10Kg. as promised.

Jatin was so glad with the weight loss and the imagination of having a beautiful girl that he enrolled again for the 5 days 20 kg weight loss package.

Next day he was eagerly waiting for the knock on the door. Finally after much anticipation, there  it was !!! He opened the door in hurry and excitement, and to his surprise there stood another most stunning and beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She was the best he had ever seen in life. Even better than the first one! She was in a mini skirt and Jatin's imagination was lost in her sexy legs.  Jatin  thought “ Am I dreaming or is it reality? With her figure and beauty, she can give run for money to Kareena and Katrina”.


 Jatin’s eyes were rolling down over her when he saw the same old sign board around her neck that read

If you can catch me, you can have me."

Seeing this Jatin’s mind started having wild thoughts. He was out of the door after her like a shot signal. This girl had an awesome figure and Jatin was doing his best to make his lustful dreams into reality. For the next four days, the same routine followed, gradually getting  Jatin in better shape.

Much to his delight on the fifth day when he weighed himself, he discovers that he has lost another 20 Kg. as promised.

Jatin was impressed with this unique idea of losing weight and moreover his lust and imagination was really getting closer to the reality. He was very much confident that in next program he can turn his dreams into reality.

So he decided to go for the gamble and calls the company to enroll for the 7-day/50 Kg program.

“ Are you sure Sir?” asks the representative on the phone. “I must warn you, this is our most rigorous program”.

“Absolutely," Jatin replies, "I haven't felt this good in years."  More than weight lose, his lust for laying his hands on  the hot babe made him so confident.

Next day, he woke up early morning did few sit-ups and jogged for sometime. He freshened up and prepared himself well for welcoming the hot babe. This time he was all set to convert his imagination into reality. He anxiously waited for knock on the door. After what seemed an eternity, there was a knock at Jatin's door. He checked himself in the mirror and opened the door with closed eyes to see his imagination one more time. Slowly he opened his eyes.

What he saw gave a him a shock.He found a huge muscular guy standing at the door, wearing a pair of pink shorts and pink running shoes. He also had a sign board around the neck which reads

"If I catch you, you are mine!!!"


After recovering from initial shock, a frustrated and frantic Jatin wanted to discontinue the program. But the guy showed him the contract, according to which he could not discontinue. if he did, his money would be lost and he also had to pay double the amount as penalty.

Jatin lost 63 Kg that week.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Just 3 days left for 28th Jan i.e our 2nd wedding anniversary and I had no clue what to do for my anniversary. Last year due to work pressure, couldn’t do anything special for my first wedding anniversary. So I was quite keen of doing something special this time. In these 2 years, I clearly understood that my hubby doesn’t even know  ‘S’ of surprise. Therefore, no expectations from him. 

I was already overloaded with my boring competitor analysis and presentations stuff, so anxiety was at the top to do something unique. While searching for some idea, I remembered one of the scenes of "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" where SRK says I Love you to Anuska Sharma in a very unique manner. So being a die-hard fan of SRK, I thought to apply the same concept.
On 27th Jan, I took a half day leave from office and bought 24 candles. I called my hubby’s boss Praveen and explained the whole idea to him. I requested Praveen to make my hubby engaged till 11 pm. I made a chocolate cake and decorated the whole room according to the concept.
Everything  Set for the Surprise

It was already 11: 30pm and I started waiting for hubby. Suddenly, I got a sms from him saying he is too busy with work and won’t be able to come before 1:00 am. I can see all my plans going into vain. Tears started rolling on my cheek. Don’t know what to do, as I thought I would lite 24 candles symbolizing 24 months of our togetherness exactly at 12:00 am and give surprise to him but everything is waste now.

Just 5 minutes left for 12:00am, I got a call from hubby and he said “I am downstairs and there is a surprise for you. Come fast”. I inquired him about the sms, he laughed and said “I sent a message just to tease you,  now come down”.  Well I wanted to show my surprise first, so I told while crying “ No way, you need to come upstairs”. Finally he agreed to come up. I quickly switched off the light of room and and lighted all the candles.

Exactly 24 candles lighted at 12:00 am

When Sudhish came to the room, he was dumb struck. He was so happy to see the surprise that couldn't say anything. Finally after cutting the home made cake, I asked “So what is the surprise for me”. He said “ Well I have planned everything and cab is waiting, we are going to Ooty to celebrate our anniversary”. 
Now, it was my turn to be dumbstruck, my hopeless romantic husband has planned a romantic vacation. It was really a big surprise for me. In true sense, it was a real memorable anniversary for us.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


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Uff, my head is paining”. I can feel the pain in my whole body. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw myself in a hospital bed. “What has happened to me? Why there are so many machines around me?” I was unable to remember anything. I kept my eyes closed, tried hard to think and suddenly things started flashing in front of me like Yash Raj movies. Aah!! Yes, I am Neha. Neha Seth!!!. I totally looked like the protagonist of “ Jasi Jassi Koi nahi” with snaggle teeth, big spectacles and totally oversized body with no boyfriend. Nothing is good in my life, I had a crap job, a crap hair, crap teeth, and a crap future. I work on the apparel department of terrible Bigbazar. All my colleagues got the bonus but I didn’t get it as I haven’t completed 1 year with a week difference. I can remember “Diwa, Lora and Debi my best friends were trying to cheer me up from the shock of not getting the bonus by taking me to SRK’s movie but nothing turned up my mood. Leaving everyone, I started walking on street alone, it was raining heavily”. Once again, everything turned blank to me. I forced myself to think harder. “Aah yes!! I have fallen down and got hit on my head while attempting to catch a taxi”. I was too tired to think anything beyond this and went into deep sleep.

Don’t’ know after how many hours, I gained the conscious. I looked around my hospital room. “Hmm!! must be very costly room”. I saw the tag name of hospital in my dress. “OMG!!! It’s Vedanta hospital. I am in a deluxe room of a 5 star hospital. Gosh!!! Who brought me here???? how will I pay the bills?”Suddenly, a doctor entered in my room and I quickly asked him “How did I come here?”. Doctor informed me that I survived the car accident which I was driving. I could not understand and asked him again “I don’t know driving and what had happened to me?”. Doctor said that I was in an accident while driving my Mercedes convertible. I got the shock of my life, “How can I have Mercedes convertible  and when did I learnt driving??”. The last I remember, I didn't even know how to drive and couldn't afford to own a car even if I did. They must be confusing me with someone else. I started sweating and then slowly I got up went to washroom to clean my face. “OMG!!!! Who is this in mirror? What has happen to me? How can I lose so many kilos in one night??” I looked closely in the mirror. I am totally a changed person. I have perfect nails and hair, a buff, well-toned body, and teeth that have been straightened and capped. I hardly recognized myself into the mirror. I was unable to figure out what has happened with me. How come I changed so much in one night? I was sure, doctors has mistaken me with some bigshot or a heroine and had performed so many cosmetic surgery on me just for the sake of experiment.  “How will I pay the bills of these surgey?? Let me see if they have any concession policy for poor ”. Nurse gave few stuff to me saying it belongs to me. She has brought Louis Vuitton handbag which has all branded cosmetic. “How can these things belongs to me? I can never ever afford such stuff in my lifetime.” To my relief, I saw my mom entering into my mom. My mom was looking rather old then I remembered. She came and hugged me. I told her that very strange things are happening with me. She looked shocked and rushed outside. She came with the doctor. Doctor asked me “Do you know which year it is?”. What kind of crap question is this? Are they taking my interview before conducting some cosmetic surgery on my brain? I told very confidently its April 2007. My mom started crying, doctor informed us that I lost a big chunk of my memory, five years to be exact. 

So I dashed with a taxi and fallen on road in 2007 only to wake up in 2012. “Oh My god!!! 5 years of my life has turned into blank pages”. I don’t remember anything what has happened with me in these 5 years. How come I became so rich and able to afford designer clothes and a Mercedes which I crashed in accident? God knows what else has hidden for me in these blank pages of my 5 years.
I asked my mom “Do you know how we became so rich?”. Instead of answering, she started crying again. She told me “ Naman is coming, Don’t worry everything will be fine”. With curiosity, I asked “Who is Naman?”.  Once again, my mom flooded with tears. She told “Naman is your husband”. What???? Am I married?  When did I got married??. It’s really getting tough for me to digest. I heard a knock on my door and saw a very gorgeous and handsome man standing with a beautiful flower bouquet at my door. My mom called him “ Aah Naman, you came…. See what has happened to Neha”. “OMG!!! This gorgeous man is my husband. Am I dreaming??”  I wanted to pinch myself. My life is turning out to be a Cinderella story. He came and kissed my forehead and said “Don’t worry Mom!! Nothing will happen to my princess”.
This is all too much for me, I wants to stop the clock and go back to find out why I have lost all memory of the 5 most important years of my life. Everything is too good to be true, like a dream where I expects to wake up at any moment only to find out that it is just that, a dream.

With the world five years ahead and I five years behind I have a lot to catch up on. I got to know, John  broke up with Bipasa, Abhishek and Ash has a baby girl now, new heroines Sonaksi and Sonam has come in the picture. Instead of SRK, Ranbir Kapoor is the hottest hunk in town. All my favorite serials like Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, kahani ghar aghr ki, kausuit zindagi ki has gone off air. Only my memory has stucked 5 years back, I can't remember anything from the intervening 5 years. 

Within two days I got discharge from hospital. Mom didn’t say me anything about past 5 years. I decided to live with Naman to get to know him more and we decide to take things slowly as I doesn’t remember a single thing. I can’t believe my good fortune – especially when I saw stunning new home and to be married to Naman, a husband who is a gorgeous hunk and a multimillionaire to boot. The only problem is that along with the loss of my memory, I have also lost all feelings that I had for him. Although everything seems to be wonderful between us, the chemistry is missing and he is like a stranger to me. If our life was supposed to have been so perfect, then why am I having so much trouble resurrecting my love for him? I am sure I’ll have a fantastic marriage once I gets to know my husband again. 

Naman prepared a marriage manual for me in which he wrote all things about me, my eating habits my daily routine and also the intimate things. I was dumb-struck to read that manual. How can I change so much. I am not Neha anymore but someone who loves carb-free diet, power yoga, and high society tantrums. Naman doesn’t know about my best friend Deewa and now I have a new best friend Nisha who is his partner’s wife.
During the past five years my life has somehow undergone a Cinderella transformation from an ungainly girl with poor eating habits, frizzy hair, and teeth so misshapen that her nickname is "Snaggletooth" into a to a corporate big shot with a sleek new loft, a personal assistant, a carb-free diet, and a set of glamorous new friends. I feel as if I am somehow morphed from a young woman similar to Bridget Jones into someone stylish and elegant like Elizabeth Hurley.
Next day, Nisha came home to meet me and I keep trying to find out more about myself. About those blank 5 years. But whatever Nisha was telling was the opposite of what I am really. As I learn more about my new self, chinks start to appear in my perfect life. After so much frustration, I decided to join the office, in a hope to find out how and why I changed a lot. 

I decided that I will greet this brave new world with determined to be the person I am. Even in office things have changed a lot. I am now the boss at my job, the vice president of the carpet division of Pantaloons.  I am a high-powered executive now and make a great income. My employees – who include several of my good friends including Deewa– fear me. I don’t t know what to do with this new life. 

Suddenly I got a call from a guy name Vinay. The way he was talking with me, I could figure it out that this “interim Neha” had some intimate connection with this guy. I decided to meet Vinay. I was confused with the way he hugged me as soon as I met him. I appalled to learn that I may have been having an affair with Vinay, the sexy architect from my husband's firm. Life was getting too complex for me to handle. How can I cheat Naman?? I was not  like that.
I met Vinay again and kept asking him about my very own past. But somehow he was not ready to say anything to me. After much persuasion, Vinay told me that my mom has large debt and she has mortgaged the house. He told me “When you had an accident with taxi, on that day few people came to your house to take the possession of the  house. You were on bed and they abused your mom and you told them that you will pay off the dept in monthly intervals. Then you became so determined to become rich ,you went to some TV show which changed your life , you got promoted very quick and you met Naman in the show who came as a judge. That’s how you changed a lot from your older self. You have become so eager in life that you had to be hard and tough and slowly loses all your friends.” Vinay told me that I was not happy with Naman and was about to leave him when I crashed my Mercedes. 

So finally, I knew what was hidden behind the blank pages of my 5 years but unable to remember it. I never felt so much warmth for Naman as I felt it for Vinay. I could feel that there is something in past which is connecting to me with him but can't remember anything. 

He took me to his home where he claim that I use to spent hours with him. I finally find out that Vinay and I were really lovers after seeing all my old stuff at his house but still couldn’t get a grip. 

With time passes, I realized that Naman is very different from me and arrogant person. I started suffocating in that lavish apartment and finally I move out of Naman apartment as I doesn’t love him. I started living with my mom.
After few days while I was shopping I gets a very fade memory that I bought a shirt for Vinay from here and that I told him how much I loved him on the full moon night.Oh God!!! Finally there is something I found out from my blank pages of 5 years. I go back to Vinay and finds flashes of my old memory when I met him. I am once again the same old neha with my mom and my new found love Vinay.

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Complexion Redefined

“Everything is over for me!!” Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Not sure for how many hours, I was crying in the park. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I raised my head and saw a beautiful girl standing in front of me. She asked “Why are you crying dear? I have been watching you for past an hour. Is everything all right with you?”.  I really felt annoyed by her questions. I replied rudely “It’s none of your business, Please leave me alone”. She sat next to me, smiled and said “Sharing with someone will lessen your pain”.  After few minutes I asked “May I know who you are? And why do you care about knowing my problems?” She said “I am Kyra and we can be friends. You can certainly share your problems with a friend”. Hearing the name, something clicked and I observed her closely… Oh god she is Kyra!! The sunshine girl of Lakme. How come she is here in this park?
She asked again “May I know why are you so depressed?” I said “Leave it, it’s a long story”, she smiled and said “I am free now and I love long stories so please go ahead and share with me”

I started telling my story to her:
I was born in Bihar with a 'wheatish' complexion which is considered as a flaw. Since the time of my birth, my mother was worried because of my dark complexion and was constantly trying to ‘improve’ my complexion by applying various creams and oils in an endeavor to make me fair. "Apply this cream to your face, it will make you fair," she would say.

I was not allowed to play in the sun. When I would get a chance to be out in the sun playing with my friends, my mother would get angry "Why did you go in the sun, you've become so dark!”  She used to buy my clothes also in accordance to my color so that I many not look dark.
Gradually I started to dislike my skin color, and started desiring fairer skin in order to please everyone in my family. In an attempt to look fair, I started applying powder to my face and would step out with a powdery face. My friends had tried to make me aware of my ridiculous looks but I didn't believe in them at that point of time. Soon I was left with no friends.

My parents want to get me married but are having problems finding a proper groom for me. Everyone wants a fair bride. I don’t want to get married so early. I want to have a career first. But I am not getting a job also. I don’t look smart like the other girls. I don’t have enough confidence and I start stammering in interviews whenever someone asks me anything. So far I have failed in at least 5-6 interviews.
 Today also I was rejected from an interview and now I am not sure what will I do in my future. I am a loser. I want to die”


After listening to my story, Kyra held my hand and said “Don't cry for such pity issues. These days color of the skin doesn’t matter at all. I can give you several examples. Have faith in me and let me do some magic. Your problems will be solved. But you will have to do whatever I say”
I was surprised. This was the first time someone was actually trying to help me and that too someone like Kyra who was not only beautiful and successful but had a good heart too. This was my only chance to change my life. So, I agreed.
In the first step, she took me to a dermatologist for my skin checkup. She explained me that if you think you have some skin problems that is not letting you shine at you best, it’s better to consult a dermatologist who will advice you. After the check up, the dermatologist discovered that I have sensitive skin, that’s why my skin gets easily tanned and takes longer to return to my usual complexion. Dermatologist gave me 5 golden tips a skin care and asked me to follow up.

I started following the tips religiously and gradually my skin started responding. After 2 weeks, I got a call from Kyra. She told me that she has a surprise for me and want to meet me soon. We met in the same park. She gave me an envelope. There was an air ticket to Goa. Before I could ask anything, she said “I am going for a photoshoot to Goa and you are accompanying me. I had a word with my photographer Amit and you will be assisting him for this photo shoot.” I was dumbstruck and did not know what to say. I quietly said it’s harsh summer and as you know I have got a sensitive skin. I will get  tan again and I have just started following doctor’s advice. She smiled in her usual way and said “Leave those headaches to me. You just enjoy.”

Early morning in Goa, Kyra came to my room and gave me few Lakme products and instructions on how to use them. She told me to use Lakme expert sunscreen lotion SPF 50 PA ++ before stepping out of the hotel in the sun. She asked me to clean my face with Lakme After Sun Facewash after returning from beach. She also asked me to apply Lakme After Sun Face Mask after cleaning. Once cleansed, apply Lakme After Sun Gel. It will complete the procedure of sun protection.

I understood and followed her instructions like a small kid and went to the beach for the shoot. I tried to be in the shade of the trees. Kyra was looking very beautiful in a perfect little yellow dress and was getting ready for the photoshoot.
She called me up and asked “Have you applied sunscreen?” I nodded my head in yes. She asked “Then why are you standing in shade? Common here enjoy the sun.” For the first time in my life, I started working in the sun without any fear.  Kyra, I and other crew member were all having a great fun while shooting. Amit, the photographer really liked some of my ideas. 

In between the shoots, we played on the beach and in sea water. I along with Kyra walked in sunny beach, chased the waves and made sand castles. In true sense, Kyra was returning my lost childhood days. After completing the day shoot, we all grouped together to play volley ball. WoW!!! What a fun it was? I had always dreamed of playing outdoor games which was now getting fulfilled.

In the evening when I returned to my room, I cleaned my face with Lakme After Sun Facewash and Lakme After Sun Face Mask. Once cleansed, I applied Lakme After Sun Gel. "OMG!!!  My face was as fresh as it was in morning."
In evening, Kyra showed me some of my snaps which Amit took while I was playing with waves. I couldn’t recognize myself. Can I look so beautiful? Kyra has magically turned me into a Cinderella. My life was changing like that of the ugly duckling. After the dinner, I Kyra and all crew members sat near the swimming pool and started singing the songs. Kyra insisted me to sing a song. It was like a climbing mountain for me. I never sang any song before anyone although I had a nice voice. Finally I started singing. When I completed the song there was a pin drop silence. I really got scared but then everybody started clapping for me and praising me. Never in my life, have I ever heard anything good about myself. Am I really talented?? or it’s just a beautiful dream.
1 week in Goa just slipped like sand in hand. Of course good things come to an end quickly.  But in Goa, I found a new person within me who was much more confident and was ready to face the world with my new beautiful and healthy wheatish' complexion.
On the last day of Goa, Kyra came with Amit in my room and gave a letter to me. I got a shock of my life. It was an offer letter from Amit’s company. Amit was so impressed with my photography talent that he wanted me to assist him in upcoming summer photoshoot in South Africa.

I just can’t believe. I pinched myself just to check if I am not dreaming. One month back I was thinking to commit suicide as I had no reason to live and today whole world has opened their arms to embrace me. My dreams are now starting coming true.
Kyra was right!!! On that day I was crying on pity issues. Thanks to Lakme Sun expert products and Kyra, I have recognized my inner beauty. I am no more ashamed of my wheatish complexion and in Kyra I have found a good friend. 

As someone rightly said “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”.

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Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna (My Delhi My Yamuna)

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and I was comfortably sitting in my air-conditioned room and watching TV. “Summers make me an ideal couch potato!!”  Suddenly, I saw an advertisement on cleaning Yamuna River. It was quite a heart touching advertisement where many celebrities were asking Delhi citizens to join environmental project, “Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna” (My Delhi My Yamuna). I thought “OMG!!! How can they do such crazy job under harsh sun. Don’t they fret about their skin tan? ” but the thought of meeting celebrities, taking autograph and boring Sunday pushed me to visit this campaign.

Next morning, I prepared myself to go to Old Fort at Delhi in a hope to meet some celebrities and if luck favors, I may get some snaps. Even sheer idea was making me so thrill.  I wore a jeans and full sleeve kurta and covered my face like a dacoit to save myself from tanning in Delhi’s summer.

The whole atmosphere at the venue was so energetic and people around me were so enthusiastic about ‘Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna’ (My Delhi My Yamuna) campaign. WOW!!  These enthusiasm, energy and compassion are so contagious; even I started feeling positive about the campaign.
Suddenly, I saw a very beautiful girl in mid of the crowd. I thought I have seen her somewhere. I went close to her, “Oh god she is Kyra!!!  The sunshine girl Kyra”.  I have seen her in TV, she is the brand ambassador of Lakme.  She was looking awesome in her sleeveless top. She was beaming like a fresh sunshine in this hot summer.

Looking at me, She smiled and said “Why are you hiding your face?” I replied “I will get tanned if I remove it”. She laughed and said “Oh so you are scared of sun.!!!”.  I really got annoyed with her smirk smile and said “I am no Diva like you… I am just an ordinary girl who gets tanned in summer”. She again smiled and said “I am also an ordinary girl but I have a magic wand to solve my skin issues”.  I was quite surprised, seeing my curiosity Kyra showed me some Lakme sun expert products from her bag. She told me to use Lakme expert sunscreen lotion SPF 50 PA ++ before stepping out in sun. She asked me to clean my face with Lakme After Sun Facewash and Lakme After Sun Face Mask after I return from sun. Once cleansed, apply  Lakme After Sun Gel. It will complete the procedure of sun protection. 
It sounded so good and tempting to me.

While going back, Kyra’s words keep coming to my mind. I bought Lakme sun expert products.
Next day, I applied the product and got ready to hit the campaign, thousands of people from Delhi, senior government officials, dignitaries and artists came to the venue and pledged their support for this campaign. I saw Kyra, she was looking as fresh as yesterday. Seeing me she smiled and said “Are you not scared of sun today?”. I smiled and replied “Now, I also have a magical wand like you”.
In evening when I came back, I saw that my skin had no signs of tanning. I was amazed. I messaged Kyra and said thanks to her, for sharing her magic wand with me. I noticed that in my face I had freshness even after working for whole day which was missing earlier when I was just a couch potato.

2nd day Sri Sri Ravi Shankar kick-off the cleaning movement. I, Kyra and many other folks started the cleaning ITO ghat. It was a real fun. I and Kyra were talking about so many things including making city cleaner, Yamuna problem, my skin issue and talking about various Lamke products. Kyra and me was full of energy and enthusiasm for this campaign because now both of us have a magic wand.

It was self satisfying experience that I am doing something for the society and a bonus effect of Lakme sun expert products on my skin. Thanks to Kyra and to Lakme, I can now fearlessly wander under the sun without having to cover from head to toe and look like Dacoit!
Along with other volunteers, I and Kyra worked round the clock to spread awareness about this campaign. We created page in FB to spread the information about this campaign and asked people to join us.
The cleaning of the ghats went on for eight days and took place at a different venue every day, including the ghats at Wazirabad, Nizamuddin, KalindiKunj, Kudesiaghat, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Yamuna Bazar and Okhla Dhobi ghat. It has become a routine for me to reach early morning to these ghats, work with Kyra. It was a fun to work in such harsh summer for the society without thinking about my skin. Working with Kyra and sharing thoughts with her, I started developing a sense of responsibility towards the society.  Being a celebrity, Kyra was so keen to do something for society. It was a real fun in true sense.

With the help of organizing committee, we ran free breath-water-sound workshops for villagers, special workshops for children and gave talks to create awareness and encourage people to join in. Hundreds of Delhi citizens came together to support this project.
Even working in such harsh summer, my skin doesn’t trouble me. I uploaded my campaign pictures in Facebook to promote the campaign. To my surprise, some of my friends were complementing me for my skin as it was getting better day by day.

On the concluding day, Chief Minister of Delhi Sheela Dixit came to venue to congratulate the volunteers for their sheer hardwork and to demonstrate that ‘it is possible to make a difference’. Suddenly I heard my name and when I paid attention I got shock of my life. “OMG!!!, I was selected as the best volunteer for whole campaign”. She awarded me a shield and a certificate. 

I saw tears in my parent’s eyes who were sitting in audience. Today, I have made them proud and all thanks to Kyra and her magical wand. I went to this campaign to grab few autographs and meet some celebrities but Kyra made me a celebrity in real sense.

Now I had a beautiful skin and a confident personality. With Lakme sun expert products, I need not have to worry about sun before stepping out of home. Lakme sunexpert products and Kyra’s skin care tips has embedded a new personality within me. I am no more a couch potato but have an ambition to give something back to my society. Seriously, attractiveness and magnetism of one's personality is the result of his/her inner radiance. With the help of Kyra, I got that inner radiance.

Meri Dili Meri Yamuna” was definitely a very enriching experience, as I met Kyra and got such a lifetime friendship with her.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Akbar-Birbal Ki Khichdi Reloaded

Beep !Beep! “Aah!!! Got one more SMS from Akbar… I tell you he doesn’t have any work but to bother me with his stupid SMS - jokes and tweets.” said Birbal looking at his phone. He looked at his Facebook account and saw there were 50 notifications and 10 messages.  Thanks to this mobile internet, people are now updating all the craps in facebook. Birbal started scrolling his facebook to see the updates.
Tansen has just uploaded his new song on winter in Youtube and is disappointed as Kolavri di has got more hits than his song.

Akbar once again purchased treadmill from to lose his weight.  “ Ahh!! one more useless attempt to become Hrithik Roshan and impress queen Jodha….How can he lose weight if  he keeps on playing angry bird all the time on his Nokia Lumina 800!!! What a waste of money?? ” thought Birbal.
Once Again, Salim has been caught red handed by principle as he was watching porn in class. Birbal said “He is the most spoil brat of this country”.

Suddenly Birbal got a Skype message from Akbar: Come soon to court.  “Uff , in this chill winter morning, all I need to do is to go to court and hear all nonsense and stupid jokes of Akbar. I joined his court thinking, I will have loads of fun, servants, expensive watches and suits but all I have to do is to solve stupid cases of Akbar. Sometime I feel, I should start my own detective series just like CID. I bet I will grab more TRPs than CID and Adalat.” said Birbal.
Yuppieee,  one more level crossed!!! “  Akbar shouted seeing his mobile. “Akbar is really getting addicted to angry bird.” thought Birbal. 
 Seeing Birbal, Akbar asked him “Why didn’t you update your status message in facebook and no tweet from past 4 hours??? Dude!! You are really getting boring day by day.” Further, Akbar said “Well today morning, I got a SMS from Vodafone, they are running a contest in which they will give 2MB data free to the person who stands in frozen pond in this winter. Since I am a King, so you need to stand in pond and win the contest for me. I need to win 2MB data at any cost”.  Birbal thought “OMG!!!! He has really out of his sense now. How can I stand in frozen pond in this winter? This mad fellow doesn’t have any work but to play games and put me in such trouble.” 

Bribal said “Jahapanha!!!, I am not feeling very well so can you ask anyone else to do this task.” Akbar thought little bit and said “I don’t care, you do it or someone else does it, I need 2MB data.   

 Common Akbar, use your common sense and search it in Wikipedia, why you always need me for such bizarre and weird thing” but Birbal just smiled and said “Sure Hazoor, I will find out the way to stand in frozen pond but may be you need to spend money  for that”. Birbal is daam good in buttering.
Akbar said “Well Birbal!! I am OK with it, but will anyone will stand in frozen pond for the sake of money?”  Birbal smiled and said yes. Akbar ordered him to prove it and win the challenge.
Birbal really got frustrated and thought “Oh Common Akbar!! I really doubt about your IQ. Cann’t you see me, even I am hearing all your nonsense, giving my valuable advises and solving stupid cases because of money …. Anyway I will prove it to you this time“.
Birbal opened Google in his mobile and searched how to stand in frozen pond in winter. He got to know that from yoga and meditation, anyone can stand in frozen pond. Thanks to Google, he found out the best yoga person in the country. It was Ramdev Baba.

Birbal activated GPS of his mobile phone to find Ramdev Baba headquarter. “ YIKES!! I just cannot figure my route to reach the office. Phew! Internet is such a savior in such situations” said Birbal. Google map has finally helped Birbal to reach Ramdev baba’s office.
Birbal asked Ramdev to help him in this case and in favor of that he will give full support in organizing yoga camp in Ramlila maidan. Ramdev Baba pinged one of his aide BalKrishna  in FB and asked him to go with Birbal.
Next day Birbal took BalKrishna to Akbar’s court and told him that BalKrishna will do it for the sake of money.  Akbar ordered the BalKrishna to be inside the frozen pond all through the night without any attire if he needed money.  Akabr said “At any cost, I need to win the contest and get 2MB data free… So do not dare to ditch me”.
Birbal thought “Akbar has gone out of his mind, if Human Rights Commission or Vodafone people got to know about this, they will screw Akbar”. Birbal tried to ask Akbar to change his mind but Akbar is daam arrogant.
 While taking this condition, BalKrishna asked Birbal “I need Rs.10 crore for this. I can’t stand in frozen pond in this delhi winter for whole night and also I will be bored standing alone in the pond”.  Birbal agreed for Rs.10 crore and said he will take proper care of him in the night.
In the night, BalKrishna went to the pond and was watching Ram Gopal Verma’s Aag and Sunny Leon’s video in You tube in his mobile, so that he won’t fall sleep. Akbar phone was 3G equipped, so he was secretly watching the whole proceeding through video conferencing on his mobile.

Next day, Vodafone awarded 2MB Data to Balkrishna. BalKrishna transferred that data to Akbar’s name and came to court to receive the reward. Akbar refused to pay him saying that he has done cheating. Akbar said that BalKrishna got warmth from the light of mobile and withstood the cold as he was watching Ram Gopal Verma’s Aag and Sunny Leon’s videos.

Birbal really got mad on Akbar. He thought “What cheek! Akbar has gone out of his sense or it’s a side effect of playing too much of angrybird…How can he even think of such idiotic stuff…. Guess all those hours on his mobile playing mindless games has damage his brains after all.”

BalKrishna angrily went outside the court and informed Ramdev Baba about the incident.
Birbal got the call from Ramdev Baba and said “ Dude!! you ditched me, now see the consequences. I have good relation with DON, he is going to kill you and going to ruin your king reputation.”  Ramdev also threatened Birbal that he will hack Akbar’s FB, Orkut, Twitter accounts and will complain about Akbar in Human Rights Commission.  Ramdev Baba announced in a press conference that he will go for indefinite hunger strike if his aide didn’t get the money. Birbal tried to convince Akbar but he was too arrogant to understand.

Birbal thought “I need to save myself from Ramdev and Don. Hmmm… let me go underground till the issues get settled.”

Here Ramdev Baba started protesting against Akabr. He started a hate mail chain against Akbar and created a hate page for him in Facebook. Follower’s lists of hate page crossed the 1 million mark!!!  All the news channels  are doing SMS poll about the incident. Thousands of tweets are being done against Akbar’s act.
Shame on Akabr !!! # Shbana Azmi
Akbar is not fit to rule the country # Sushma Swaraj

Akbar is causing harm to his own repute by refusing money to BalKrishna  # Anna Hazzare
Akbar’s friends stopped chatting with him and became unfriend to him. There was not a single message or notification on Akbar’s wall.  Situation was getting terrible for Akbar.
Akbar really got worried and started searching for Birbal. He kept sending messages (on Skype, GTalk) and emails to Birbal but no response. Finally Akbar’s GPS located Birbal's where about. Google Map was showing Birbal in a Westwind resort near Jaipur.  Akbar thought “How could Birbal be so insensitive and leave me alone in this situation where no one wants to talk or chat with me”.  Immediately, Akbar booked the flight tickets from his phone and rushed to airport.
In resort, Birbal was having a very cool and relaxed time. He opened his phone to check today’s tweets.
On my way to Westwind Resort to resolve BalKrishna Issue with Birbal # Akbar


OMG!!!! Birbal shouted “Akbar is coming to meet me”.  Bribal did not know what to do next. He opened Wikipedia to find a solution of Akbar’s nonsense.
Akbar reached the resort and rushed towards Birbal’s room. As he opened the door, he saw Birbal had played fire video on youtube on his mobile and kept the pot of uncooked khichadi one meter away from it.
Akbar questioned him "Are you nuts or what??? How will the khichdi get cooked with no fire? It’s just a video??? What is wrong with you Birbal?"

Birbal, cooking the khichdi, replied "Oh my great King!!! When it was possible for a person to receive warmth from a light of mobile, then it is possible for this khichdi, which is just a meter away from the source of heat, to get cooked."
Akbar understood his mistake. He immediately called a press conference and apologized BalKrishna and Ramdev in front of the media. He requested Ramdev to take back all his protest and revive all his FB and orkut accounts. He also BalKrishna rewarded him Rs. 10 Crore.

Once Again Internet and Birbal’s wisdom has saved Akbar from a mishap situation.

Mobile and Internet has become an essential part of our life.  So, I thought of giving our age old stories of Akabar  Birbal a modern twist.

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