Monday, 28 May 2012

Complexion Redefined

“Everything is over for me!!” Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Not sure for how many hours, I was crying in the park. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I raised my head and saw a beautiful girl standing in front of me. She asked “Why are you crying dear? I have been watching you for past an hour. Is everything all right with you?”.  I really felt annoyed by her questions. I replied rudely “It’s none of your business, Please leave me alone”. She sat next to me, smiled and said “Sharing with someone will lessen your pain”.  After few minutes I asked “May I know who you are? And why do you care about knowing my problems?” She said “I am Kyra and we can be friends. You can certainly share your problems with a friend”. Hearing the name, something clicked and I observed her closely… Oh god she is Kyra!! The sunshine girl of Lakme. How come she is here in this park?
She asked again “May I know why are you so depressed?” I said “Leave it, it’s a long story”, she smiled and said “I am free now and I love long stories so please go ahead and share with me”

I started telling my story to her:
I was born in Bihar with a 'wheatish' complexion which is considered as a flaw. Since the time of my birth, my mother was worried because of my dark complexion and was constantly trying to ‘improve’ my complexion by applying various creams and oils in an endeavor to make me fair. "Apply this cream to your face, it will make you fair," she would say.

I was not allowed to play in the sun. When I would get a chance to be out in the sun playing with my friends, my mother would get angry "Why did you go in the sun, you've become so dark!”  She used to buy my clothes also in accordance to my color so that I many not look dark.
Gradually I started to dislike my skin color, and started desiring fairer skin in order to please everyone in my family. In an attempt to look fair, I started applying powder to my face and would step out with a powdery face. My friends had tried to make me aware of my ridiculous looks but I didn't believe in them at that point of time. Soon I was left with no friends.

My parents want to get me married but are having problems finding a proper groom for me. Everyone wants a fair bride. I don’t want to get married so early. I want to have a career first. But I am not getting a job also. I don’t look smart like the other girls. I don’t have enough confidence and I start stammering in interviews whenever someone asks me anything. So far I have failed in at least 5-6 interviews.
 Today also I was rejected from an interview and now I am not sure what will I do in my future. I am a loser. I want to die”


After listening to my story, Kyra held my hand and said “Don't cry for such pity issues. These days color of the skin doesn’t matter at all. I can give you several examples. Have faith in me and let me do some magic. Your problems will be solved. But you will have to do whatever I say”
I was surprised. This was the first time someone was actually trying to help me and that too someone like Kyra who was not only beautiful and successful but had a good heart too. This was my only chance to change my life. So, I agreed.
In the first step, she took me to a dermatologist for my skin checkup. She explained me that if you think you have some skin problems that is not letting you shine at you best, it’s better to consult a dermatologist who will advice you. After the check up, the dermatologist discovered that I have sensitive skin, that’s why my skin gets easily tanned and takes longer to return to my usual complexion. Dermatologist gave me 5 golden tips a skin care and asked me to follow up.

I started following the tips religiously and gradually my skin started responding. After 2 weeks, I got a call from Kyra. She told me that she has a surprise for me and want to meet me soon. We met in the same park. She gave me an envelope. There was an air ticket to Goa. Before I could ask anything, she said “I am going for a photoshoot to Goa and you are accompanying me. I had a word with my photographer Amit and you will be assisting him for this photo shoot.” I was dumbstruck and did not know what to say. I quietly said it’s harsh summer and as you know I have got a sensitive skin. I will get  tan again and I have just started following doctor’s advice. She smiled in her usual way and said “Leave those headaches to me. You just enjoy.”

Early morning in Goa, Kyra came to my room and gave me few Lakme products and instructions on how to use them. She told me to use Lakme expert sunscreen lotion SPF 50 PA ++ before stepping out of the hotel in the sun. She asked me to clean my face with Lakme After Sun Facewash after returning from beach. She also asked me to apply Lakme After Sun Face Mask after cleaning. Once cleansed, apply Lakme After Sun Gel. It will complete the procedure of sun protection.

I understood and followed her instructions like a small kid and went to the beach for the shoot. I tried to be in the shade of the trees. Kyra was looking very beautiful in a perfect little yellow dress and was getting ready for the photoshoot.
She called me up and asked “Have you applied sunscreen?” I nodded my head in yes. She asked “Then why are you standing in shade? Common here enjoy the sun.” For the first time in my life, I started working in the sun without any fear.  Kyra, I and other crew member were all having a great fun while shooting. Amit, the photographer really liked some of my ideas. 

In between the shoots, we played on the beach and in sea water. I along with Kyra walked in sunny beach, chased the waves and made sand castles. In true sense, Kyra was returning my lost childhood days. After completing the day shoot, we all grouped together to play volley ball. WoW!!! What a fun it was? I had always dreamed of playing outdoor games which was now getting fulfilled.

In the evening when I returned to my room, I cleaned my face with Lakme After Sun Facewash and Lakme After Sun Face Mask. Once cleansed, I applied Lakme After Sun Gel. "OMG!!!  My face was as fresh as it was in morning."
In evening, Kyra showed me some of my snaps which Amit took while I was playing with waves. I couldn’t recognize myself. Can I look so beautiful? Kyra has magically turned me into a Cinderella. My life was changing like that of the ugly duckling. After the dinner, I Kyra and all crew members sat near the swimming pool and started singing the songs. Kyra insisted me to sing a song. It was like a climbing mountain for me. I never sang any song before anyone although I had a nice voice. Finally I started singing. When I completed the song there was a pin drop silence. I really got scared but then everybody started clapping for me and praising me. Never in my life, have I ever heard anything good about myself. Am I really talented?? or it’s just a beautiful dream.
1 week in Goa just slipped like sand in hand. Of course good things come to an end quickly.  But in Goa, I found a new person within me who was much more confident and was ready to face the world with my new beautiful and healthy wheatish' complexion.
On the last day of Goa, Kyra came with Amit in my room and gave a letter to me. I got a shock of my life. It was an offer letter from Amit’s company. Amit was so impressed with my photography talent that he wanted me to assist him in upcoming summer photoshoot in South Africa.

I just can’t believe. I pinched myself just to check if I am not dreaming. One month back I was thinking to commit suicide as I had no reason to live and today whole world has opened their arms to embrace me. My dreams are now starting coming true.
Kyra was right!!! On that day I was crying on pity issues. Thanks to Lakme Sun expert products and Kyra, I have recognized my inner beauty. I am no more ashamed of my wheatish complexion and in Kyra I have found a good friend. 

As someone rightly said “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”.

This post is part of a  Lakme-Diva Blogger  contest. 
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  1. This has been an awesome attempt from you at the contest.
    The picturesqueness of the post is just amazing.
    The narration goes with a flow.
    YOu are a talented writer...
    All the best for the contest !

  2. Hmm! Yes! Not your humorous self but pretty engrossing tale still.

  3. What an awesome post! I just enjoyed every bit of it.
    What's more interesting is that fact you addressed a serious issue of complexions. Brilliant!

    All the best for the contest! :-)

    PS: After reading this, I feel like I've written crap for the contest.

    1. HI RG!!!!

      Glad that you like my post....

      BTW dont tell ur post a crap... Its a very nice post

  4. Hi Ruchita...nice story and narration. good luck for the contest :)

  5. Great way of story-telling.. wonderful post and liked the way you have presented it.. best of luck for the contest..

    1. Thanks Manav Lalotra!!!
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  6. Nice Post. All the best for the contest . . .

    Ashwini Dey

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  8. Loved this post. And wish you the best for the contest.

  9. hehehehe lakme really works...:)

  10. Reminded me of the so many fairness cream ads...I could almost hear the music... :) ..Very good narrative...Good Luck for the contest... :)

  11. Interesting read. Good luck for the contest.

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  13. Absolutely fabulous...! I am sure this is a winning piece :))


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