Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fun Friday with Speechless Classic “Pushpak”!!!

In our office we usually have fun Friday, once in every month. This time our HR thought a unique idea of showing a movie in office premises.  On Thursday, all the posters were set up saying that do not miss the movie with cold drinks and popcorns. We all got excited not only for movie but also for the free snacks which we will be getting during the movie.

On Friday, we informed our UK bosses that we will be offline for whole afternoon. Being in research firm, it’s all always advantage of getting such off without worrying about the deadlines. Everybody was curious to know which movie they are going to play. We all have started guessing with names like Khahani, Housefull2, Inception.  Sharply at 2 PM we were at auditorium to catch the best plce. It was like a college environment where everyone was chitchatting and ready for enjoyment.
So now the suspense was over and it was quite a shock for me. They were showing some 70s or 80s movie called “Pushpak”. It was starring Kamal Hassan and few unknown actors. All my excitement turned it to shock.  Any way I continued watching the movie with a disinterest. After 10 minutes of movie I realized that there is no dialogue in the movie but movie was looking quite funny.

Slowly I started enjoying this silent movie. Movie  amazed me with is simplicity and depth. The movie is silent, with no dialogue whatsoever, yet it deals with a complex and realistic plot. It manages to pull this off, thanks to the acting genius of Kamal Hassan. . Kamal Hassan was at its best. His on screen presence was supereb in the movie. I think some people born to do some specific things. You can’t imagine them in any other engagements, I feel same about him. 
Movie’s plot is humorous with very deep message. The plot deals with the adventures of a struggling, unemployed young man in Bangalore, who is able to step into the shoes of an extremely rich man by chance. In this guise, he finds love and material happiness, but discovers the other unpleasant aspects of being in that position. Finally, he realizes his folly, gives up his masquerade and returns to his old life.
The movie was such a masterpiece that I didn’t even bother to take snacks from office boy as I do not want to remove my eyeballs from the screen. I don’t remember when I had seen such a good comedy movie in recent times. Very rarely you come across the old movies which not only are timeless but also entertaining in its own way defying the current trend of fast paced movies which sometime lacks the central essence and other times , the purpose.
Thanks to my HR that she has selected such a good movie for our fun Friday. Pushpak is definitely  unmissable, admirable and classical with the finest piece of acting. It’s all time speechless classic movie. You really wouldn’t want to miss watching this movie on a relatively boring Sunday afternoon.

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